We wanted to start the new year with a round up of the new features we’ve recently added to Fin Analytics.

Microphone Recording.

Now, in addition to recording screen video and browser activity, by popular customer demand you can also record sound from the agent microphone. You can set whether or not mic audio is recorded at either the User or Organization level.


If there’s one thing we have learned by talking to customers, it’s that everyone’s internal tools stack is a little bit different. Get your Fin Analytics data wherever you need it with our new Webhooks API:

Custom Events API.

While the ability to navigate to screen video for any point in time for any of your Analytics provides an interface for pulling up video when debugging specific cases or interactions, we have found it can be easier to navigate videos for a particular agent by delineating work on specific cases directly in the video timeline.

You can use our new Custom Events API to post ticket/case handles directly to Fin Analytics using by setting the `event_type` attribute to “fa_handle.” You can also post any other sort of custom event or annotation into the timeline using the API.

[[[ ————– INSERT screenshot ———— ]]]

Video Redaction.

Accidentally record a video with some sensitive information? Now you can instantly delete any video with the Trash button on the bottom of the video player.

Blacklist and Whitelist URLs.

If there are certain sites or resources you know you never want to record, you can automatically redact video surrounding visits to these pages by setting Blacklist or Whitelist Rules.

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