Fin is a San Francisco based team focused on the practical application of technology to the future of knowledge work mixing the best of human intelligence and technology. We believe that the future of work is smartly leveraging technology to help people do their best work, rather than attempting to replace people with machines
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Fin Analytics Product

You can't improve what you can't measure, but to date, human knowledge work has been very hard to instrument. Some teams might have ideas about 'outcomes' of their work (CSAT, NPS), but the process that leads to outcomes is nearly a black box. Fin Analytics is the solution to measuring process we originally built for ourselves to gain the insight needed to provide great coaching and speed process improvement for our operations team.
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Fin Operations Lessons

We built and operated our own assistant service from the ground up to test our thesis about the future of work & gain first hand experience running a modern 'hybird' human + machine knowledge work engine.
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